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Photos for Miniseries: First Legion - Life in the Roman Army

Updated: Apr 18

We'd originally planned just the one bonus episode about this British Museum exhibition, but there was so much to see that ticked our sensory boxes that we changed direction and crafted a 3-part miniseries instead! In each episode we talk all things army, but as well as the usual weapons and armour chat, we consider the less obvious and sometimes surprising aspects of warfare that don't get so much airtime.

If you're reading/listening before 23rd June 2024 then you still have time to visit the exhibition - it's well worth it: Legion: life in the Roman army | British Museum

Here are the photos for the first episode.

Protective amulets

Purse with coins

Imaginifer (standard bearer)

Photographs were taken by Sistory History at the "Legion: life in the Roman army" exhibition, (British Museum, London).

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