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Photos for Bonus Episode - Hans Holbein: A Sensory Perspective

We knew Hans Holbein the Younger was an impressive fellow, but we didn't appreciate the extent of his skills until we experienced them up close the Royal Collection Trust exhibition, "Holbein at the Tudor Court". We visited in January 2024, and also talked with Kate Heard, Senior Curator of Prints and Drawings at Royal Collection Trust, about Holbein and the sensory. Below are some of our favourite pieces from the exhibition, including the three favourites we talk about at the end of the episode.

Derich Born

This lifelike portrait is one of the most striking in the collection. Holbein's inscription reads: "if you added a voice this would be Derich his very self".

The Lady Vaux

Beautifully detailed headwear and a knowing gaze...

Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk (Laura's favourite)

Merchant of the German Steelyard (Caroline's favourite)

Sir Thomas Lestrange (Kate's favourite)

(Royal Collection Trust / © His Majesty King Charles III 2024)

Photographs were taken by Sistory History at the "Holbein at the Tudor Court" exhibition, (Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, curated by the Royal Collection Trust).

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